Jacob Blomquist

This is a showcase of my projects and abilities

My Name is Jacob Blomquist

I am a software engineer with a passion for learning and improvement.


A small header-only C++ library for manipulating data endianness. Also detects native endianness of hardware.

DFMA Viewer

DFMA Screenshot Tiles

This is a viewer for FDF-MAP files in reference to the Dwarf Fortress Map Archive. (https://mkv25.net/dfma/). The archive is a forum for sharing interesting maps for Dwarf Fortress. It a map viewer that currently runs on flash which is now obsolute.

My viewer is made with P5.js and HTML5 canvas.

If you want to learn more about the best game ever made Dwarf Fortress, visit Bay12Games.

Raycasted Maze Generator

Ray casted pseudo-3d maze generator

This was the final project for my CS 4150 (Web Software Architecture) class at the University of Utah, Fall 2019.

It is a raycasted pseudo-3d maze generator.